locally sourced and sustainable

Native plants and locally produced benches have been installed as part of landscaping works.

Landscaping as part of the redevelopment project covers more than 2.6 hectares within the grounds of Campbelltown Hospital.

So far, a total of 35,852 native plants and almost 500 trees have been planted.

Cumberland Plain Woodland plant species were chosen for the project, sourced from nurseries within Western Sydney and including a collection of Eucalyptus, Acacia and Melaleuca.

In addition to these plants, 19,000 square metres of the site was seeded with Cumberland Plain Woodland grass species.

Where possible, site soil has been cleaned and repurposed for use in planting, and soils and mulches brought onto the site are sustainably manufactured using recycled materials. 

Rainfall onto the site is also channelled into several rainwater retention basins that then provide irrigation for the plants and trees.

Various erosion control measures have been installed to ensure water is managed throughout the site, with minimal environmental disturbance during the plant establishment period.

Plantings within the basins assist with the removal of pollutants before water passes into the water table.

Within the landscape, locally sourced Hawkesbury sandstone was used for aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Seating benches designed and manufactured in Western Sydney were also installed as part of landscaping works.