CSSD testing 1...2...3...

The Central Sterilising Services Department have been hard at work, testing the five new steam sterilisers in their future space. A series of tests are performed to ensure the machines are effectively sterilising reusable medical devices for safe use in surgical and clinical procedures.  

With more than 500 instrument trays and 180 bowl sets needing wrapping in sterile barrier wraps, an amazing effort was seen from the team. On top of this work, 225 single instruments were packed in laminate/paper pouches for further testing. 

“I’m extremely proud of our sterilisation technicians who are working in the new CSSD to prepare instrument loads for testing,” manager Tracey Worthington said.  

“We are looking forward to moving into the new space and providing support for the future expansion of Campbelltown Hospital services, and are confident that the tools and equipment will help us continue to meet the demand.” 

Thanks to the CSSD for their commitment to keeping our vital hospital instruments squeaky clean! Your hard work in the new department will make for a smooth transition into the new building.