new pharmacy NOW OPERATIONAL

L-R: Director of Pharmacy, Rhea McFarland; Clinical Trials and Investigational Drugs Pharmacist, Ushma Trivedi; and Deputy Director of Pharmacy, Doha Elgundi.

We've built a new pharmacy to help support our growing hospital and our growing community.

Operational since 25 June, the delivery of the new pharmacy represents a significant milestone for the redevelopment project.

For the first time ever, Campbelltown Hospital will have the capability to develop aseptically compounded medications within facility, and to explore further applications of investigative medications through clinical trials.

The construction of a clean room and installation of multiple laminar flows ensures the delivery of sterile medication protected from any and all contaminants.

This, in addition to the purpose built non-sterile manufacturing facility will allow the department, which currently functions as a Level 4 clinical service, to function as a Level 6 service, offering a greater level of provisions and service delivery to the community.

Director of Pharmacy, Rhea McFarland, said the new facilities will allow for greater collaboration and research opportunities, as the department will be able to cater to both larger-scale and a wider range of clinical activity.

“This translates to our patients having better access to the latest treatments available,” she said.

“The state-of-the-art facility will also ensure more consistent, efficient and improved existing pharmacy inpatient, outpatient and discharge services.

“The addition of these first-class production facilities will allow increased capacity to service our growing Special Care Nursery and paediatric populations, as well as established specialities in ophthalmology, intensive care, ambulatory care, allergy and immunology.

“The increased footprint of the department will allow for future growth in staffing to support increasingly expanding clinical services that will be offered at Campbelltown Hospital.”