Delivering your new hospital: New Inpatient Unit complete

The new inpatient ward in Building D is now complete.

The new inpatient ward on Level 2 in Building D, referred to as Ward G, is now complete.

Housing 26 beds, 14 of which are in single rooms, the new ward will be open to accept patients from 8 July.

Each room has been carefully designed to ensure rich aesthetics and most rooms boast beautiful views of the adjacent Park Central pond and gardens.

Senior Project Manager for CBRE Michael Picciotto (pictured top left) said a standard hospital inpatient ward can take up to six months to deliver, however this unit was built, fit out and handed back to the hospital within 58 days.

“Due to the pressures the hospital was under as a result of the flu season, compounded by COVID-19, the timeframe to deliver a fully operational inpatient unit was expedited,” he said.

“What would normally take anywhere between four to six months to deliver, we were able to achieve in less than two months, effectively cutting the construction and delivery time down by two-thirds.

“The new ward features a negative pressurisation system which allows for the airflow within either the entire ward, or a portion of the ward to divert air through a filtration system and out of the hospital to reduce and control the spread of infection.”

Development approval was granted for extended non-disruptive work hours and this was adopted by CPB Contractors for works until 11pm, seven days a week for the duration of construction.

Campbelltown Hospital General Manager Alison Derrett (pictured below left) said now that the new inpatient ward was complete, the hospital could return to providing elective surgeries to those patients who were delayed due to COVID-19.

“We understand that many patients who were on waiting lists to receive elective surgery must have been disappointed when their dates were cancelled due to the pandemic,” she said.

“This new ward will help us to manage the influx of patients expected due to the current flu season, as well provide adequate care to patients who may have contracted COVID-19.

“The new ward features a modern, state of the art fit out that will help to support ongoing hospital operations.”