MENTAL HEALTH COURTYARDS and furniture selection

Nursing and Allied Health staff testing mental health furniture

Staff feedback helps shape the future mental health areas in the new clinical services building.

The mental health courtyards will be a true oasis in the new clinical services building. Built across multiple levels, the courtyards aim to bring the outside in and harness the healing power of nature. From water features and dining areas through to BBQs and games, these recreational spaces will provide therapeutic benefit to mental health consumers by connecting individuals to the outdoors and promoting relaxation, reflection and interaction with others.

Planning to furnish these spaces involves extensive collaboration and engagement. Staff and users assisted our Furniture, Fittings and Equipment team at a recent furniture showcase to make sure the selection was appropriate for the space.

Nursing and allied health staff Gulsah, Kylie, Darren and Isabel (pictured) who work with youth, took some time out of their busy schedule to take a seat and give feedback on their preferred furniture for the mental health services in the new building.

“The new furniture we’ve chosen for our adolescent spaces will assist with sensory modulation and help staff best engage with our young consumers,” Darren Vongsouvanh said.

“Working with the project team and our consumers, we were able to design spaces that are therapeutic and provide a range of ways to help individuals feel safe, relaxed and welcomed.”