CONSTRUCTION OF THE Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre IS NOW complete

Outside the Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre

Construction of the newly expanded Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre (MCTC) is now complete.

The new $15 million space features an additional Linear Accelerator (LINAC), which is a machine designed to administer radiation therapy to cancer patients. The new machine features targeted laser technology.

The extension expands the MCTC footprint substantially, with the space also featuring an Orthovolt to support diagnostic radiography and the treatment of skin cancers.

The extension includes additional inpatient bed bays, a single inpatient room, and increased administrative space which provides three new multipurpose meeting rooms, a control room and dedicated waiting areas for patients.

The LINAC bunker structure alone required more than 100 tonnes of steel reinforcement, and more than 520 cubic metres of concrete to contain the radiation.

The newly expanded facility is expected to be fully operational by late 2021.